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1 PHYS 172 Modern Mechanics Fall 2009 To do AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: 1. Obtain the textbook (at campus bookstores; used books are OK). 2. Obtain the new PHYS 172 Laboratory Manual (from bookstore). 3. Obtain an iClicker audience response remote (not a CPS pad). 4. Register for WebAssign , the on-line homework service. 5. Register your iClicker on CHIP , your on-line PHYS 172 gradebook. 6. Click on the course URL listed above for any late announcements, etc. See below for more information on these important initial steps. During the first week you will: Attend the two scheduled lectures, on Tuesday and Thursday. Attend the Recitation session assigned to you by the Registrar. Log in to WebAssign and complete “HW #1” by midnight Thursday, Aug 27. Lab meetings will not be held during the first week. Instead, log in to WebAssign and complete “Lab #1 Orientation” by midnight Tuesday, Sep 1. Attendance is required for three evening exams this semester: Exam 1: Tuesday, Sep 15 8:00-10:00 pm Exam 2: Wednesday, Oct 14 8:00-10:00 pm Exam 3: Tuesday, Nov 17 8:00-10:00 pm The date of the Final Exam will be announced later in the semester. Exam week ends on the evening of Saturday, Dec 19, and attendance is required. General Information and Syllabus PHYS 172 is the first semester of calculus-based physics with an emphasis on modern mechanics. A first semester calculus course such as MATH 161 is a corequisite for PHYS 172; calculus concepts will be introduced gradually throughout this course. We assume a mastery of high school algebra as a prerequisite, and prior exposure to high school physics is highly recommended. This is a 4 credit hour course. The rule of thumb at this University is that you should spend twice as many hours (on average) studying for this course outside of class as you do in class. That is, eight hours a week spent reading, doing the homework, recitation, and laboratory assignments, and studying for the quizzes and exams would be a typical investment of time for most students in this course.
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2 Course Supervisor : Professor John Peterson Office: Room 361, PHYS Office hours: 4-5 pm Tuesday or by appt. Phone: 494-5193 Email: [email protected] Lecturer : Professor Ken Ritchie Office: Room 58, PHYS Office hours: 2-3 pm Thursday or by appt. Phone: 496-8315 Email: [email protected] Professor Gabor Csathy Office: Room 56, PHYS Office hours: 11-12 am Wednesday or by appt. Phone: 494-3012 Email: [email protected] Recitation Instructors : Shigeharu Kihara, [email protected] Eric Boomsma, [email protected] Lisham Weng, [email protected] Edwin Antillon, [email protected] Lab Coordinator: John Buncher, [email protected] Lab Instructors : Riei Ishizeki, [email protected] Suprem Das, [email protected] Matyas Matolcsi, [email protected] Jordan Kendall, [email protected] David Garand, [email protected] Jakub Zablocki, [email protected] Tony Clevenger,
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syllabus - PHYS 172 Modern Mechanics Fall 2009...

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