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Exam-1-12 - LAST NAME First name and initial DO NOT OPEN...

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DO NOT OPEN YOUR EXAM UNTIL TOLD Exam I, Phys 172, Spring 2009 EXAM # 12 1. Record your two-digit exam version number on scantron form in the field “Test/Quiz number”. Please do not omit leading zero. 2. Write your name in the top-right corner here and on the scantron form 3. Record your PUID number in the respective field on your scantron form Do not use other paper. Write on the back of this test if needed . The page with major equations is provided with this exam (in the back) Circle your answers here and on scantron form. At the end of the exam, you will return scantron form and this printout with circled answers to your TA. LAST NAME: ………………………. First name and initial:
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Problem 1 If an object moves at constant velocity, you can irrefutably conclude that: A) The object certainly does not interact with anything in the universe B) The net interaction with other objects in universe may be not zero, but it is constant in time C) There is no gravity acting on that object D) The object does not obey laws of physics E) The object may be interacting with other objects in the universe, but the net interaction is zero Problems 2-5: For the next four problems consider vectors in the diagram shown below, in which each division is equal to 1 m.
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