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sample questions - Contents: Past in class 1 page Essays 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Contents: Past in class 1 page Essays 1 Past Take home exams 6 Multiple Choice Section 8 Key to numbering of questions 8-10 Sample exam header 10 The multiple choice questions 11-138 Map multiple choice questions 138 Key to the Eurasian and World Map places 154 Past Essay exams on ILS 252 but also good discussion topics for Botany 240 study groups These are one page essays on past exams. They capture a lot of what I hope you get out of the course. They make great ways of focusing study groups, even for Botany 240, although the questions were all asked of ILS 252 students. They work better than multiple choice because they are look at the level of argument that I want you to get. The multiple choice questions also test understanding of the big ideas, but cannot be specific about the particular generalities I think are important. Multiple choice operates at a level that names specifics, which may hide my intent, unless you fully understand where the question aims. But these essays are explicit as to the whole big ideas I want you to get. The A1 B2 format reflects the way these essays come as options, which may, I suppose that might help ILS folks see the degree of flexibility I offer. 3B Being as specific as space allows, what are Digby Anderson s standards? Why does he fit into the spirit and content of this course. In other words, show me that you understand why he plays such a prominent role in the reader. Essay 1A. In my Dragnet ecology .... paper in the reader there was reference to science in a postmodern context, with some interesting distinctions between internal and external criteria. A discussion of quality emerged in classical, modern and postmodern terms. You have read articles by Digby Anderson as to Imperative Cooking. How do notions of quality, as well as notions of internal and external criteria as they appear in Dragnet ecology ... apply to Anderson and Imperative Cooking? There is no definitively right answer here, but the comparison does allow you to demonstrate your understanding of Dragnet ecology ... and Digby Anderson, and you will be graded on that. Essay 1A Diamond identifies that, when they are moving with their families through the jungle, men he knows in New Guinea spend a lot of time strutting around patrolling with a bow and arrow, while their respective wives carry a heavy load. His whole book is about the selective advantage to men and women as individuals, with regard to their fitness, fitness being the number of successful reproductive offspring or close kin they leave. So what is in it for women s fitness for men to be strutting and patrolling instead of doing some darned carrying? Explain how the extra offspring or close relatives come to be larger in number....
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sample questions - Contents: Past in class 1 page Essays 1...

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