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339Fall09_essay_one - Geography 339 Fall 2009 Assignment#1...

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Geography 339: Fall 2009 Assignment #1: Critically engaging with conservation in place and politics Lectures, readings, and discussions have provided ample material with which to engage critically with a wide range of conservation issues (e.g. wilderness and species protection). It is challenging but essential to be able to connect this material to how we live outside the classroom. With this in mind, the first assignment is an essay on your choice of the following two topics: 1. How have the readings, lectures, and discussions made you see a place that is important to you in a new way? ( the place could be a national park, local protected area, the landscape around your hometown, just to name a few* ) 2. How have the readings, lectures, and discussions given you a new perspective on or changed the way you think about a contemporary environmental issue? ( examples issues, to name a few : invasive species, water quality in inland lakes like Mendota, indigenous resource rights, deforestation* ) *Coming up with your own place or issue is highly encouraged!
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