Prompt_for_'radical_essay' - Hi folks, I know many of you...

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Hi folks, I know many of you are writing on this topic, and hopefully I can help provide a bit more guidance on how to approach this interesting but highly contested issue: The question: How would you define “radical environmentalism”—its perspective, goals, and strategies—and (by that definition) do you think it is helpful toward efforts to improve the environment? First, this is a two part question, which gives you a lot of freedom to craft the paper that you want. I would guess that we will receive very different interpretations of what radical environmentalism is and what it's role is in environmental politics. Some of you may argue that Gifford Pinchot is a radical, while others might not think that any of the people or philosophies we've encountered in the course are radical. That's fine, as long as you can construct an interesting and well-reasoned paper around your chosen definition. Make sure that you ANSWER BOTH PARTS OF THE QUESTION in your essay, both defining radical environmentalism and giving your opinion of its positive/negative/ambiguous role in helping improve the environment. I've seen many essays for other assignments that fail to answer the question completely, and it makes me feel sorry for the student who in many cases put a lot of effort and thought into the essay. Second, if you take a step back from the environmentally-oriented positioning of the question for a moment, you'll see that we're actually asking you to discuss your relationship with and opinion of political "radicalism" in general. Earth Firsters certainly aren't the first group of political
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Prompt_for_'radical_essay' - Hi folks, I know many of you...

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