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University of Wisconsin-Madison ILS 205 Western Culture: Political, Economic, and Social Thought I Fall 2008 First Essay Assignment: Choose one of the following and write a succinct and critical essay of 5 double-spaced pages (about 1000 words). Papers are due at the beginning of class, Tuesday, October 28. They must also be submitted electronically in the Drop Box of the course page on [email protected] Feel free to discuss this with your classmates and in your discussion sections, but be sure to submit only your own work. If you have not already, please refer to chapter 14 of the University of Wisconsin System Administrative code regarding Academic Misconduct and plagiarism. Essay Topic 1: 1. “Plato and Aristophanes both suggest that political life can and ought to be based entirely on human reason.” Is this an accurate statement? If so (or not), what does this mean for political life? Essay Topic 2: 2. The works of Plato and Aristophanes that we have read seem to have an anti-war bent
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Unformatted text preview: (i.e., in response to the war the Peloponnesian War). First, critically assess their arguments, and second, discuss how their arguments can inform our thinking about the current war in Iraq. Essay Topic 3: 3. Socrates was convicted by a jury count of roughly 279 to 221? The arguments he makes in his defense are very clear. How might he have argued to convince 30 more Athenians to acquit him? How might these arguments differ if the jurors were American? Formatting parameters: 1. Your paper should be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font. Double-space, and leave 1-inch margins. 2. Staple your pages. Use a real staple – not a “nature’s staple.” 3. Please give your essay an appropriate and informative title and a title page. 4. Please indicate on your title page which question you are addressing. 5. When citing, use appropriate citations, preferably from the Chicago Manual Style....
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