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German Political Party System PS 106, Fall 2008 ***Note: make sure you understand the logic rather than memorizing years or numbers*** Main Parties (need at least 5% national votes) Political Party/date founded Political Ideology/policy inclination Social Democratic Party SPD (oldest) Left-center party Favors social spending/welfare spending Emphasizes the needs of workers and the poor/disadvantaged Christian Democratic Union CDU (1945) Right-center party Favors social market economy, pro-capitalist Upholds Christian social ideals Free Democratic Party FDP (1948) Favors economic liberalism (laissez-faire market economy) Emphasizes social liberalism/individual liberty Limited government in social/economic spheres Green (1979) Favors environmental friendly policies Anti-nuclear power Most anti-military Left Party/PDS (1989) Formerly a party of East Germany, but in 1990 no longer heavily Marxist-Leninist inclined Favors democratic socialism, rejects German capitalist system
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