PS_106_-_Handout_-_Week_11 - market liberalization in...

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PS 106 Poland: Transition II Nov 17/21 2008 (Week 11) A. Theories of Democratization     1. What are the main “independent variables” for each of the three (i.e. structural, institutional, and  actor-based) theories of democratization? 2. Which of the three do you consider more effective in democratizing and consolidating democracy in  a country? 3. What is the role of external forces (e.g. international institutions) in the process of democratization  and democratic consolidation? Can democratization be initiated without any external cause?  B. Shock-therapy      Shock-therapy is the immediate implementation of the necessary market reforms to establish a free- market economy.    1. What do you think about this idea of making changes rapidly rather than in more gradual terms in  order to establish a free-market system in a country? Is shock-therapy the most efficient way of 
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Unformatted text preview: market liberalization in emerging economies such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, Estonia, Latvia etc? 2. Given that all of the above-mentioned countries but Russia are now members of the EU, can we assume that shock-therapy proved to be successful in all of those countries? And what about Russia? Did shock-therapy work out in Russia? C. China 1. In an effort to answer the question of whether China will democratize, Oksenberg mentions three different views. What are the arguments for each one? Which one(s) do you find more compelling? Will China democratize? 2. How would Andrew J. Nathan respond to this question? Do you agree with him? Why/why not?...
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PS_106_-_Handout_-_Week_11 - market liberalization in...

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