Week12(China) - types of non-Democratic regimes?...

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PS 106 China  Dec1-5 2008 (Week 12) Section A: ID Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution Deng Xiaoping  Guardianship Mass Line  The relationship between National Party Congress, Central  Committee and Politburo  Section B 1.   What   are   the   three   types   of   non-Democratic   regimes   and   their  respective criteria? Compare and contrast the criteria of the three types of  non-Democratic regimes. 2. Given your understanding of China, does China fit into any of the three 
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Unformatted text preview: types of non-Democratic regimes? Substantiate your answer with examples. Section C: Readings 1. In an effort to answer the question of whether China will democratize, Oksenberg mentions three different views. What are the arguments for each one? Which one(s) do you find more compelling? Will China democratize? 2. How would Andrew J. Nathan respond to this question? Do you agree with him? Why/why not?...
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Week12(China) - types of non-Democratic regimes?...

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