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Discussion 14.5 - BIOLOGY 101 Multiple choice questions for...

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1. Aposematic coloration is most commonly found in: a. prey whose body morphology is cryptic b. prey species that have chemical defenses c. good tasting prey that evolve to look like a bad tasting animal d. predators who are able to sequester toxic plant compounds in their bodies 2. The frog (a) fools predators into thinking it belongs to the very toxic species (b). This is an example of: a. Mullerian mimicry d. Batesian mimicry b. camouflage e. character displacement c. adaptive radiation 3. Frog (b) is poisonous just like frog (c). This is an example of: a. resource partitioning b. gene flow c. the competitive exclusion principle d. reduced hybrid breakdown e. none of the above 4. Which of the following is LIKELY to occur when there is interspecific competition? a. resource partitioning d. one species will attempt to minimize the competition b. character displacement e. a, b and c are all likely outcomes c. both species will go extinct f. a, b and d are all likely outcomes 5. Which of the following would be a density-dependent factor limiting a population’s growth? a. the outbreak of fire due to a lightning strike d. an earthquake b. the onset of winter e. None of the above c. intraspecific competition 6. A survivorship curve that involves producing large numbers of offspring, each with a very low probability of surviving to adulthood is typical of: a. elephants d. butterflies b. giraffes e. horses c. humans 7. An example of Batesian mimicry is: a. two harmless butterflies with spots that look like large eyes d. a caterpillar that resembles a snake b. a pitcher plant that can kill an animal
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Discussion 14.5 - BIOLOGY 101 Multiple choice questions for...

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