POL 502 - Spring 2008 - Exam #2 Notes

POL 502 - Spring 2008 - Exam #2 Notes - The origin of...

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Hobbes: Nominalism Clearing out of the middle Leviathan Natural right vs. natural law Materialist or mechanistic view of the world Relationship between physics, geometry, politics Consensual monarchy or absolutism Covenant State of nature Fear of death Commonwealth Kant: Kingdom of Ends Perpetual Peace Unsocial Sociability “Sapere aude!” Enlightenment Teleology Intelligent Devils Regime of Right Rousseau: Natural Man Civil(ized) Man The progress of the arts & sciences
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Unformatted text preview: The origin of inequality Timeliness Anxiety Disingenuous Natural freedom/liberty/autonomy Natural sentiments (there are two) Wrestling in the nude Compassion Marx: Estrangement of labor Alienation (4 types) Historical materialism Species-being Super-structure Dialectic Political economy Bacon : Hope Method Induction Four “Idols” Great Instauration Novum Organon Science as “help,” “aid,” technology...
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