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I ʼ ve created two multiple choice questions from each discussion handout. Notice that some review questions are “big concept” questions; others are not. New material (evolution & ecology) will be included on the exam in more detail than the review material. I suggest you study your notes and the practice exam Frst, then try these. Study hard. - Mike Discussion Handout 1: Intro to macromolecules 1. The organisms pictured above and to the right use thousands of different proteins throughout their body. Identify the INCORRECT statement regarding proteins and their functions. a. Altering the structure of an integral membrane protein may alter that protein’s proper functioning. b. Proteins are organized at multiple structural levels; creating a mutation in the primary level may affect the tertiary structure. c. The polar bear cubs use proteins as storage molecules. d. Integral membrane proteins are used in cell to cell communication. 2. Find the INCORRECT statement. Phospholipids: a. exhibit a hydrophilic tail and hydrophobic head. b. are used to form the bilayers that separate the inside from the outside of a cell. c. can have their shapes altered by introducing double bonds in their phospholipid tails. d. only allow certain types of molecules to pass through their lipid walls. Discussion Handout 2: Intro to the structure of DNA 3. Which statement is WRONG. The structure of DNA: a. can be unwound by breaking hydrogen bonds b. is a double helix held together by strong covalent bonds between the nitrogenous bases c. allows us to understand one strand since the other strand is a complementary template d. uses proteins and RNA to replicate 4. The appearance of telomeres: a. is necessary because the ends of chromosomes will naturally lengthen after each replication b. can remain abundant due to the enzyme telomerase c. are necessary in order to allow Okazaki fragments to fuse d. help cancer cells to die quickly Discussion Handout 3: Making proteins 5. Identify the CORRECT statement regarding transcription: a. DNA is read in order to make a temporary copy of more DNA b. the product of transcription will be sent out of the nucleus and attach to a mitochondrion c. the DNA sequence ACCTGGTACGA will produce a complementary strand of TGGACCATGCT d. portions of the mRNA strand will be removed before it can leave the nucleus BIOLOGY 101 Discussion 15.5: 2008 1 Discussion Handout #15.5 Multiple choice questions from discussion sessions Answers at the end of page 4 101 DISCUSSION BIOLOGY
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6. Translation creates an error while converting the “nucleotide” language into an “amino acid” language. This mutation:
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Discussion 15.5 - BIOLOGY 101 Multiple choice questions...

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