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l 1. What are the two major factors that evolution is based on? a. an identical population and a stable environment e. none of the above b. variation within a population brief geological time c. variation within a population and environmentally “selecting” factors d. variation within an individual and an endless supply of resources 2. The individuals in picture 1 breed the largest camels since large camels can carry larger cargo and tolerate the extensive heat better than smaller individuals. This is an example of: a. directional selection d. artificial selection b. stabilizing selection e. a and c are correct c. inheritance of acquired characteristics f. a and d are correct 3. (REVIEW) If you were to dissect a camel kidney, you would expect to find: a. large amounts of cortical nephrons b. abundant numbers of loops of Henle that descend into the renal medulla c. a proximal tubule longer than a freshwater fish d. increased numbers of aquaporins in the ascending loop of Henle 4. What provides the selective pressure in intrasexual selection (as seen in Figure 2)? a. competition between the same sex c. the environment b. a member of the opposite sex d. the needs of the offspring 5. (REVIEW) The organisms in Figure 2: a. possess teeth that are flat and broad b. secrete ammonia as their nitrogenous waste product c. break down copious amounts of glucose in their enlarged caecums d. pump their blood twice (per trip around the body) but mix oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in the ventricle
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Discussion 13.5 - Discussion Handout #13.5 BIOLOGY Multiple...

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