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Introduction to Algorithms November 28-December 2, 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6.046J/18.410J Professors Erik D. Demaine and Charles E. Leiserson Quiz 2 Quiz 2 This take-home quiz contains 6 problems worth 25 points each, for a total of 150 points. Your quiz solutions are due between 9:30 and 11:00 A . M . on Friday, December 2, 2005, in the Stata lobby (the homework lab). Late quizzes will not be accepted unless you obtain a Dean’s Excuse or make prior arrangements with your recitation instructor. You must hand in your own quiz solutions in person. The quiz should take you about 12 hours to do, but you have four days in which to do it. Plan your time wisely. Do not overwork, and get enough sleep. Ample partial credit will be given for good solutions, especially if they are well written. Of course, the better your asymptotic bounds, the higher your score. If the bounds are the same, a worst-case bound will generally receive a few more points than an expected or amortized bound. Bonus points will be awarded for exceptionally efficient or elegant solutions. Policy on academic honesty: The rules for this take-home quiz are like those for an in-class quiz, except that you may take the quiz home with you. As during an in-class quiz, you may not communicate with any person except members of the 6.046 staff about any aspect of the quiz during the exam period, even if you have already handed in your quiz solutions. The official end of the exam period is 12:00 noon on Friday, December 2, even though you must hand in your quiz earlier. This take-home quiz is “limited open book.” You may use your course notes, the CLRS text- book, basic reference materials such as dictionaries, and any of the materials posted on the course web page, but no other sources whatsoever may be consulted . For example, you may not use notes or solutions to problem sets, exams, etc. from other times that this course or other related courses have been taught. You may not use materials on the World-Wide Web. These materials will not help you, but you may not use them anyhow. If at any time you feel that you may have violated this policy, it is imperative that you contact the course staff immediately. If you have any questions about what resources may or may not be used during the quiz, please send email to 6.046 staff . Write-ups: Answer each problem on a separate sheet (or sheets) of 3-hole punched paper. Mark the top of each problem with 1. your name, 2. 6.046J/18.410J, 3. the problem number, 4. your recitation time, 5. your TA’s name.
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2 6.046J/18.410J Quiz 2 Your write-up for a problem should start with a topic paragraph that provides an executive summary of your solution. This executive summary should describe
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quiz2 - Introduction to Algorithms Massachusetts Institute...

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