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1-1_1 - 2 Step1 Real werld examples Setting 1 In web mail...

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Unformatted text preview: 2* Step1 Real werld examples: Setting: 1. In web mail serxiee if we need te see the mails lit-j? date we use setting. 2. A simple example is when we are werl-zing with a pe', en the desl-ztep we ean arrange the ieens by name, tffp e, size. These are all using serting 3. Step2 ICensex hull: A textural 3D medel fer eutdeer xisualixatien hasieall'jr eensist ef the definitien ef its geemetrff the eenxex hull ef a building — and ene. Dr multiple textures mapped ente the surfaee efthe building elements, mestlfg used in 3D graphies. ...
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