Ph101-07&08-1fin - PART I Mark the correct answer...

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Unformatted text preview: PART I Mark the correct answer for the following questions _________________________________________________________________ 1. A particle rotates in a vertical circular path of radius r with constant speed v . At the highest point P, the dot product R a v v v . is a. 1 b. -1 c. zero d. 2 1 2. A man moves a 10 g object shown in a vertical plane from point X to point Y along a circular track of radius 20 m . The process takes 0.75 min. The work done (in J) by the man is a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6 W= mg(2R) W =0.01(10)(40)= 4 N 3. Three identical blocks A , B and C (same mass) slide from rest on three rough inclined surfaces as shown in the figure. The surfaces are of the same length but of different troughness and the blocks reach the bottom with the same speed. Which surface will produce largest amount of heat due to friction? a. A b. B c. C d. All the same - ΔH=W f =(U f +K f )-(U i +K i ) - ΔH =K f- mgh ⇒ mgh =K f + ΔH Larger h leads to larger ΔH for the same K f 4. A ball of mass m is released from a height h. It strikes the ground with speed v and it rebounds up with the same speed . The magnitude of the impulse given to the ball is a. m v b. 2mv c. mgh d. zero 5. A, B, C and D are four equal masses at a distance r from point O. They move with the same speed v in the directions shown in figure. Which one has the largest angular momentum about point O ....
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Ph101-07&08-1fin - PART I Mark the correct answer...

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