Ph101-07&08-2fin - Part I: Questions (Choose the...

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Unformatted text preview: Part I: Questions (Choose the correct answer) 1. A mass m is placed on a vertical spring of spring constant k compressed a distance x. When the spring is released the mass is projected upward . The acceleration of this mass at maximum height is a. zero b. g c. –g d. m kx 2. A Projectile is fired from point 0 at the edge of a cliff, with initial velocity components of ν ox and ν oy . The projectile rises, then falls into the sea at point P. If the time of flight of the projectile is T. then the horizontal distance D (see the figure) is a. ν T b. ν oy T c. ½ g T 2 d. ν ox T 3. The torque exerted on the disk about an axis passing by the center is (see figure) a. i FR ˆ − b. j FR ˆ c. i FR ˆ d. k FR ˆ 4. The surfaces A and B are rough and μ A = 4 μ B. If m A = 2m B, and both blocks come to a stop after covering the same distance then their initial velocities are related by. a. V A = V B b. V A = 2V B c. V A = 2 1 V B d. V A = 4V B 5. Let F be in Newton, v in meter per second, x in meter and t in seconds. The impulse is the area under which curve? Part II: Problems (solve the following problems) 1. A projectile is projected with speed v o from the ground level. It returns to the ground after 4.0 seconds. It travels 76 meters horizontally. If air resistance is neglected, what is the initial speed v...
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Ph101-07&08-2fin - Part I: Questions (Choose the...

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