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Biomechanics, 3150 Instructor, Geriel Ettienne-Modeste ANNOUNCMENTS FOR BME 3150 STUDENTS: ALLL UPDATES for HW’s, Quizes and Exams can be found in their own folders on HUSKYCT!! EXAM 1 CHANGES --PROB 4 on EXAM 1 will be WORTH 15 POINTS instead of 25 POINTS. THE REMAINING 10 POINTS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED TO PROBLEM 2.1 AND 2.2- FOR A TOTAL OF 40 PONTS FOR PROBLEM 2. ..EXAMS WILL BE RETURNED ON TUESDAY, OCT 20TH!!!!! NEW INFORMATION ABOUT HW’S: FROM NOW TO THE END OF THE SEMESTER THEIR WILL BE A HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT DUE EVERY WEEK THIS IS THE SCHEDULE OF HOMEWORKS DUE DATES UP TO EXAM #2 WHICH WILL BE Tuesday, November 17 th HW #3— ARE PROBLEMS IN BOOK 4.1, 4.4, 4.5, 4.10, and 1 problem Ch5. HW #3 IS DUE ON THURS OCT 22TH…. SEE HOMEWORK FOLDER for HW #3 problems! HW #4 ---ABAQUS was originally HW 3--- Homework #4: Assigned on Oct 1st
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Unformatted text preview: is problem #3, tutorial #3 in Abaqus 6.7-EFI found in any of the engineering labs. Homework #4 will be due on Oct 27 th at the beginning of class. HW #5----CH 11 PROBLEMS --DUE NOV 3TH HW #6---CH ---DUE NOV 10 TH HW #7---CH ---DUE NOV 17 TH HW #8---CH ---DUE DEC 3 RD HW #9---CH ---DUE DEC 10TH NEW INFORMATION ABOUT QUIZ AND EXAMS: QUIZ #2--- OCT 20 TH- 1 PROBLEM IN STATICS OF BIOMECHANICS CH 5 QUIZ #3--- OCT 29 TH- 1 PROBLEM IN DYNAMICS CH 11 QUIZ #4--- NOV 5 TH- 2 PROBLEMS IN LINEAR KINEMATICS/KINETICS CHS11-12 QUIZ #5--- NOV 12 TH- 1 PROBLEM IN ANGULAR KINEMATICS CH 13 EXAM #2---NOV 17 TH QUIZ #6--- DEC 1 TH- 1 PROBLEM IN ANGULAR KINETICS CH 14 QUIZ #7--- DEC 8 TH- 1 PROBLEM IN MULTIBODY DYNAMICS CH 14 FINAL EXAM ---DEC 17 TH IN ASSIGNED ROOM CHECK EXAM SCHEDULE PLEASE SEE REVISED SYLLABUS FOR UPDATES!!...
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