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9-sol - CHAPTER Virtual Memory 9 Practice Exercises 9.1...

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9 C H A P T E R Virtual Memory Practice Exercises 9.1 Under what circumstances do page faults occur? Describe the actions taken by the operating system when a page fault occurs. Answer: A page fault occurs when an access to a page that has not been brought into main memory takes place. The operating system verifies the memory access, aborting the program if it is invalid. If it is valid, a free frame is located and I/O is requested to read the needed page into the free frame. Upon completion of I/O , the process table and page table are updated and the instruction is restarted. 9.2 Assume that you have a page-reference string for a process with m frames (initially all empty). The page-reference string has length p ; n distinct page numbers occur in it. Answer these questions for any page- replacement algorithms: a. What is a lower bound on the number of page faults? b. What is an upper bound on the number of page faults? Answer: a. n b. p 9.3 Which of the following programming techniques and structures are good for a demand-paged environment ? Which are not good ? Ex- plain your answers. a. Stack b. Hashed symbol table 29
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30 Chapter 9 Virtual Memory c. Sequential search d. Binary search e. Pure code f. Vector operations g. Indirection Answer: a. Stack—good. b. Hashed symbol table—not good. c. Sequential search—good. d. Binary search—not good. e. Pure code—good. f. Vector operations—good. g. Indirection—not good. 9.4 Consider the following page-replacement algorithms. Rank these al- gorithms on a five-point scale from bad to perfect according to their page-fault rate. Separate those algorithms that suffer from Belady’s anomaly from those that do not. a. LRU replacement b. FIFO replacement c. Optimal replacement d. Second-chance replacement Answer: Rank Algorithm Suffer from Belady’s anomaly 1 Optimal no 2 LRU no 3 Second-chance yes 4 FIFO yes 9.5 When virtual memory is implemented in a computing system, there are certain costs associated with the technique and certain benefits. List the costs and the benefits. Is it possible for the costs to exceed the benefits?
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