Chapter6 (Extra Readings)

Chapter6 (Extra Readings) - Chapter 6- Conflict War and...

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Chapter 6- Conflict War and Terrorism (Extra Readings) 1) Security communities In the old days war was common between the great powers ( realism) (17 th Century to the 20 th century) Britain changed sides for over 400 years to prevent the European powers from getting too much power. One of the reasons for war in Europe is because of language groups were not in independent parts in Europe thus arguments of which part of Europe belonged to which powers leading to war. The result of all the squabbling over the lands was in 1914 was uneven borders. In 1920 people were being pushed between territories. In 1945 people were being shoved west with territories again being remolded. Now since Europe and other countries involved have become more ethnically homologous leading to less war. Mercantilism – a zero sum world which seeks to accumulate its specie and wealth is determined on the amount of specie. And the amounting of one countries wealth results in the poverty and expense of the other country. In the post 1945 war free trade became the logic of the west, self-determination, changes
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Chapter6 (Extra Readings) - Chapter 6- Conflict War and...

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