21-exr - 21.4 What are three advantages o± dynamic...

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21 CHAPTER The Linux System Practice Exercises 21.1 Dynamically loadable kernel modules give fexibility when drivers are added to a system, but do they have disadvantages too? Under what circumstances would a kernel be compiled into a single binary Fle, and when would it be better to keep it split into modules? Explain your answer. 21.2 Multithreading is a commonly used programming technique. Describe three di±±erent ways that threads could be implemented. Explain how these ways compare to the Linux clone mechanism. When might each alternative mechanism be better or worse than using clones? 21.3 The Linux kernel does not allow paging out o± kernel memory. What e±±ect does this restriction have on the kernel’s design? What are two advantages and two disadvantages o± this design decision?
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Unformatted text preview: 21.4 What are three advantages o± dynamic (shared) linkage o± libraries compared to static linkage? What are two cases where static linkage is pre±erable? 21.5 Compare the use o± networking sockets with the use o± shared memory as a mechanism ±or communicating data between processes on a single computer. What are the advantages o± each method? When might each be pre±erred? 21.6 UNIX systems used to use disk-layout optimizations based on the ro-tation position o± disk data, but modern implementations, including Linux, simply optimize ±or sequential data access. Why do they do so? O± what hardware characteristics does sequential access take advan-tage? Why is rotational optimization no longer so use±ul? 45...
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21-exr - 21.4 What are three advantages o± dynamic...

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