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Review Sheet: Electrochemistry Chapter 14: Fundamentals of Electrochemistry • Redox Reactions - Oxidation reactions - Reduction reactions - Oxidizing agents - Reducing agents • Balancing redox reactions (From Assigned Appendix Reading) - Non-acidic/basic conditions - Acidic conditions - Basic conditions • Electric charge (q), current (I), moles of electrons (n), work, power, potential (E) • Free energy and potential • Galvanic cells - Galvanic cells versus electrolytic cells - Cell diagrams - Line diagrams - Salt bridge - What happens in a galvanic cell • Standard potentials (E 0 ) - Standard (E 0 ) versus non-standard (E) potentials - Calculating cell potentials (standard and non-standard) • Standard hydrogen electrode (S.H.E.) • Nernst Equation - For half reactions - For complete cell reactions - Temperature effects • Galvanic cells at equilibrium • Calculating equilibrium constants
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Unformatted text preview: • Cells as chemical probes- Determining cell potentials- Determining equilibrium constants (K sp , K a , K b ) - Determining equilibrium constants (K sp , K a , K b ) where the galvanic cell is not at equilibrium- Determining concentrations of chemical species. Chapter 15: Electrodes and Potentiometry • Writing Nernst equations for complete electrochemical cells • Reference electrodes • Indicator electrodes • Difference between metal electrodes and ion-selective electrodes (ISE’s) IF WE HAVE TIME TO COVER IN CLASS: • Junction potential • Glass Membrane ISE: The pH electrode- Schematic of pH electrode- How does a pH electrode work/function- Response of glass electrode to H +- Calibration of pH electrodes- Potential sources of error when making pH measurements with glass membrane ISE’s...
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Electrochemistry_Review_Sheet_F2005 - • Cells as chemical...

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