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Exam II Review It is heavily suggested that you focus on material presented in lecture and the correlated readings and definitions in Krause. Be sure to know major lab tests and clinical indicators of disease states discussed. The objectives are just a guide, so please don’t get hung up on every detail. Some of the objectives do not apply to what we were able to cover in class. You are not expected to know anything about the following: -Numbers 8, 9,11, and everything after the first sentence in number 10 of the Overnutrition and Obesity/Overweight objectives. -Numbers 4, 7 of the high fat, high carb debate -Only the portion referring to HIV in number 5 of the Nutrition and
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Unformatted text preview: Immunity/AIDS obj. (for this lecture, it is important to understand physical and serum lipid changes as a result of AIDS and AIDS therapy)-Know the difference between different types of cells involved in the immune response (B cells vs T cells)-Number 5 of GI diseases obj.-Numbers 8 and 9 of the Nutrition and Cancer obj. *In regards to the Glucose/Lipid Metabolism obj, we discussed #5, and the importance of knowing different lipases, their function, and where they function. (i.e. lipoprotein lipase, pancreatic lipase, hormone sensitive lipase....
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