Chapter 4 - C hapter 4 A new babys reflexes Human behavior...

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Chapter 4 A new baby’s reflexes Human behavior appears organized from very early in life Some of the first behaviors to appear are reflexes Reflex: involuntary response to external stimuli Reflexes that are either weak, absent, unusually strong, or that fail to disappear when expected can be a sign of neurological problems Infant states Infant state: recurring pattern of arousal that ranges from alert, vigorous, wakeful activity to quiet, regular sleep Human behavior is organized and predictable Human beings are not passive creatures that merely react with the environment Sleep The newborn on average sleeps about 70% of the time in a series of long and short naps during the day and night REM sleep: rapid eye movement sleep If people are awakened repeatedly as they begin REM sleep and thus are prevented from obtaining this type of sleep, they tend to be irritable and disorganized during their later waking hours In newborns, 50% of sleep is REM
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Autostimulation theory: during REM sleep the infant’s brain stimulates itself and that this, in turn, stimulates early development of the central nervous system This type of sleep is self stimulating Crying Colic: a prolonged period of unexplained crying by an infant Occurs in about 20% if infants How to sooth an infant Infants’ abilities to soothe themselves Sucking As early as 4 weeks, the infants begin to rely on social contact with caregivers to soothe him and help regulate his states How parents soothe their babies Parents may use a pacifier with very young infants Rocking, swaddling, and massaging Soothability varies among babies in other cultural groups Evaluating the newborn’s health and capabilities Brazelton Neo-natal Assessment Scale: measures sensory and
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Chapter 4 - C hapter 4 A new babys reflexes Human behavior...

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