Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Language system of communication in...

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Chapter 7 Language: system of communication in which words and their written symbols are combined in rule-governed ways that enable speakers to produce in infinite number of messages Communicative competence: the ability to convey thoughts, feelings, and intentions in a meaningful and culturally patterned way Productive language: produce communications Receptive language: receive communications from others The components of language: phonology, semantics, grammar, and pragmatics Phonology: system of sounds that a particular language uses Phonemes: basic units of sound Semantics: the study of word meanings and word combinations Grammar: the structure of a language and consists of two major parts Morphology: concentrates on the smallest units of meaning in a language (morphemes) Syntax: specifies how words are combined Pragmatics: rules for the use of language in particular context Concerns effective and appropriate communication Theories of language development The learning view Traditional learning explanations use the principle of reinforcement to account for language development Generalization: applying what you’ve learned to new situations Child learns primarily through imitation or observational learning The nativist view: claims and limitations Children are born with an innate mental structure (language acquisition device) that guides their acquisition of language
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Children are predisposed to acquire language Humans learn language more easily during a certain critical period of biological development Critical period: time during which a child is sensitive to a particular environmental stimulus that does not have the same effect on him when he encounters it before or after puberty The interactionist view Language is learned in the context of spoken language but assuming as well
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Language system of communication in...

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