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Notes 4 - Reproductive Behavior 19:08 Reproductive behavior...

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Unformatted text preview: Reproductive Behavior 19:08 Reproductive behavior Sex chromosones o 23 rd pair o Female ova: X only o Male sperm: X or Y Cells in the gonads (ovaries or testes) produce o Ova (egg cell) or sperm cells Egg cells always have X chromosomes because females only have X chromosomes to divide Sperm cells end up Xs or Ys because they have both and can divide to either o Reproductive hormones First sixe prenatal weeks: (zygote to embryonic) o Gonadal cells are undifferentiated Cells are capable of becoming ovaries or testes Then around week six if there is a Y chromosome o There is a gene on the Y chromosome that has become the Sry that kicks in and becomes active When that gene is present and works properly (is activated) things are set in motion to produce the male Two hormones are coming into play and deciding which is going to mature Mullerian system becomes female (blue) o Anti-Mullerian hormone is inhibitory - defeminizing Wolffian system cells become male o This system develops because of the release of androgens (testosterone) This takes place in about at 6 week period, so by 12 weeks in pregnancy systems are pretty well formed Disorders of Sexual Development Androgen insensitivity syndrome o People who inherit XY o Androgens are present but arent able to exert their effects because their receptors are dysfunctional Wolffian system which would develop into male anatomy cannot it requires binding with male receptors to be produced o No masculinization, but you still has defeminization Anti-Mullerian still inhibits development of female Estrogen and progesterone levels not produced at a regular level because no ovaries But primitive gonad can produce both testosterone and estrogen (and throughout life in all people both are produced) They will still have a little bit of estrogen that will allow them to before female but not as much as most o Person doesnt have very much in terms of internal reproductive organs, externally female Of course they still have what would be the initial premature gonads, because it cant become anything functional it becomes a rudimentary undescended testicle inside Externally you get a female appearance with inhibited female anatomy no functional uterus or fallopian tubes Infertility o People are typically raised as females because theres nothing showing them theres anything wrong Because theyre insensitive to androgens, its not like theyre bubbling over with androgens and feeling male-ish, theres no conflict and usually perfectly happy as females and heterosexual...
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Notes 4 - Reproductive Behavior 19:08 Reproductive behavior...

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