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BMEN 305: Lab #6: ECG Detection Lab Introduction The students will build a two staged instrumentation amplifier based on the provided schematics. They will acquire and ECG signal from themselves or their lab partner using Lead I configuration of the bipolar lead system. 9 volt batteries will be used to power the amplifiers to minimize risk of electrical shocks from leakage currents. They will build a VI that acquires this ECG signal and filters it. They will also modify the VI to include a heart rate monitor and an optional alarm system. Materials Instrumentation amplifier AD620 x 2 Resistors 499 x 1 5 k x 1 ECG Electrodes x 3 9 Volt Batteries x 2 NI ELVIS LabVIEW Note ( To prevent electrical shocks , all amplifiers must be powered with two 9 volt batteries. ) Lab Procedure PART 1: Stage I of the amplifier.
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1. There are 2 stages in the instrumentation amplifier that you will design. The first stage has a gain of 10 and the second stage has a gain of 100. Connect the circuit as shown above using the following values of resistor. Remember, use the 9 volt batteries for the +V s and –V s connections. This is the first stage of your amplifier. R G = 5 k 2. This stage has the theoretical gain ( A d theorotical ) of 10. 3. Give a 1 kHz sine wave of amplitude V in = 100 mv p-p as input to this amplifier from the function generator. 4.
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ECG_Lab_6_final - BMEN 305: Lab #6: ECG Detection Lab...

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