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Design Studio Assignment 4 “AC Circuits” ECEN 214-507 Nicole Girsch Lauren Fife Parth Khade Risa Aprilria
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1. Introduction In the first task of this assignment, we were assigned to determine the values of the resistor and the inductor given voltage amplitude values as read from an ac voltmeter. Since the readings were taken with the circuit operating at sinusoidal steady state, we were able to use Kirchoff’s Voltage Law to calculate the values or R and L, and finally verify that the phasor voltages across these elements satisfy this law. In the second part, we were able to calculate values for the reactances, L and C, given an input impedance. By solving for the equivalent impedance and then setting the real part equal to 75, we found values for C and L.
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Unformatted text preview: From here, we calculated the Thevenin impedance. 2. Solution (1) First, since V = I Z, we solve for the equivalent impedance Zeq = 200 + R +jwL = 200 + R + j(623.19)L Since w = 2*pi*1k Using the following equations, we can solve for L and R: (1): 4*e^(j ) = 200 *I (2): 8*e^(j ) = (R + j*623*L)I (3): 10*e^(j ) = I(200 + R + j*623*L) (2) 3. Conclusions This design studio allowed students to solve real world problems involving AC circuits. Solving these problems demonstrated the students understanding in dealing with sinusoidal steady state analysis problems in the frequency domain....
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design_studio4 - From here, we calculated the Thevenin...

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