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HW1 - 1 You have a copy in your computer that you can study...

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CS-370 Computer Architecture Assignment #1 Due: October 5 Monday in class Please type the solutions using a word processor such as WORD, Latex, etc., or write by hand very neatly and legibly, comparable to typing*. Please pay special attention to the due date – no late turn ins or special case consideration. Please do the following problems from the text, and submit solutions: 1. Problem 1-11 2. Problem 1-12 3. Problem 2-3 (a) 4. Problem 2-6 5. Problem 2-11 6. Problem 2-17 7. Problem 2-20 8. Problem 3-9 9. Problem 3-10 10. Problem 3-11 * The preferred format is typing with a word processor for the following reasons:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. You have a copy in your computer that you can study for exams or future use. 2. You will learn to use a word processor (if not already learned) to do math, diagrams, etc. This will be one of the most useful things in your career. 3. You have a backup copy in case of lost or misplaced assignment. 4. A typed assignment helps the grader to spend less time and to be more accurate in grading. Our class is multi-national, and it is hard and time consuming to decode many different hand writing styles....
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