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MATH 254 HW 6 - understandable and convincing B OOK H...

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MATH 254, F ALL 2009 H OMEWORK 6 D UE T HURSDAY , O CTOBER 22 ND This assignment is due at the beginning of class, Thursday, 10/22/09. You must bring a copy to class—it can be typed or neatly hand-written. If necessary, add illustrations by hand or with computer graphics. Late homework is not accepted. Read the directions carefully. For every question that asks you to “justify your answer,” a simple calculation or response without explanation is not sufficient. Make your arguments
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Unformatted text preview: understandable and convincing. B OOK H OMEWORK This assignment comes out of section 2.1 (pp. 116-117) in the text. 1. #1 2. #2 3. #9 4. #10 5. #11 6. #12 7. #17, 8. #19, with short justification 9. #20, with short justification Extra credit on Homework grade: #22. Take care in writing a clear argument....
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