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copper cycle - Experiment 2 Chemistry 111-545 Brittani...

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Experiment 2 Chemistry 111-545 Brittani Reinhard* Becky Vigil September 30, 2009 The Copper Cycle in the Ecosystem As a topic of interest to many scientists is the cycle of copper in the ecosystem. While we know that copper goes through several series of chemical reactions starting and ending with elemental copper, we do not know the amount of copper we end with at the end. In this experiment, you will use several reactions to show the cycle of copper as well as test the percent yield. First thing done was the gathering of all supplies necessary to perform this experiment, this includes a 50mL beaker, a hot plate, plastic funnel, aspirator, rubber tubing, ring stand, clamp, iron ring, 10mL graduated cylinder, disposable pipet, suction flask, Buchner funnel, filter paper, distilled water, stirring rod, magnetic stir plate and magnetic stir bar. After gathering supplies, we put together the ring stand, with a 50mL beaker on the stand, along with setting up a funnel connected to tubing as an aspirator over the beaker. Then .25g of copper is added to the beaker and 5mL of 6M NHO3 was obtained in a 10mL graduated cylinder. Then aspiration set up was turned on to medium high and the 5mL of 6M NHO3 was added to the copper. Once the copper was completely dissolved, 10mL of distilled water was added to the mixture. Then 6M NaOH was added to this mixture drop wise while stirring the solution. Once mixture had turned back to a royal blue mixture it was tested with blue PH paper to make sure the solution is a base. Once confirmed as a base the hot plate was turned on to about four and the beaker was placed onto hot plate and was stirred until the solution was black. Once black the solution sat for 2 minutes on the hot plate before it was removed to allow cooling to room temperature. Then using the pipet, the liquid was
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copper cycle - Experiment 2 Chemistry 111-545 Brittani...

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