part 2 stats - it out to I did this to keep the ages random...

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I collected my data by either going to classes and passing out the survey to get data or by collecting it from my mom’s employee’s and by going to my work and asking my co-workers and the customers if they could fill out the survey. This got me a bunch of data. I made sure to keep my female-male count even so I had 100 of both. Then I broke them down based on student, part-time student, and employee. I am confident my samples match my population because I really did a completely random survey with who I passed
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Unformatted text preview: it out to. I did this to keep the ages random and able to see different types of people. I tried to avoid most biases but was unable to avoid the biases of people just circling whatever and not actually reading the questions, so response biases with some people was there. I did avoid a bunch by not telling people about my project until after to avoid more response biases than I was already getting. Also, I could not avoid the possible overshooting of stress levels when people would rate their stress level....
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