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Stats 3 - females who drink more caffeinated beverages...

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As of right now, it appears to seem that both male and female both have a positive correlation when it comes to the amount of drinks vs. their stress level. They also seem to have about the same number of drinks, between 0-4. Though females seem to have a stronger positive correlation than the males, the males still do have a positive correlation although, it is not as strong as the females. In just number of drinks, females seem to drink less caffeinated beverages overall. Though when looking compared to stress level the
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Unformatted text preview: females who drink more caffeinated beverages, their stress seems to be higher. When looking at the males who seem to drink more caffeinated beverages, their stress also corresponds as the females do and rises as the number of drinks do. Although this may be inaccurate due to the fact that there is not a high number of people surveyed who drink higher amounts of caffeinated beverages, so this would need further testing to see if this hypothesis is accurate....
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