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English - well as any specialty t-shirt stores This will...

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B. We are a partnership, because we both have qualities that the other doesn’t. Thus  this will produce a more effective business in the long run. With each of us working off  of each other’s weaknesses and strengths we will benefit greatly.  C.  See Excel Document D. I originally took the grand total of the variable prices and the fixed prices and divided  by the number of units we would wish to sell in one month. This led me to the price of  $12.86. From that price we added $5 to create a profit on the item, in order to cover any  more cost that may arrive. Thus this let us to a total selling price of $17.86 per unit. F. We would like to sell our shirts in department stores such as Dillard’s and Macys, as 
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Unformatted text preview: well as any specialty t-shirt stores. This will give us a wide range of consumers and hopefully a wide range of economic classes. G. If the machinery that is being used has a better, more effective upgrade and allows you to use less raw materials, this will allow us to want to be able to produce more for our consumers be able to provide the t-shirt at a lower cost because of the improved technology. H. We are trying to win over teenagers who are from the ages of 16-23, and we will do this by creating effective advertisements that draw them in, along with creating a shirt that is fun and different than any other shirt they could buy on the market....
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