VIS 158 Photography Syllabus

VIS 158 Photography Syllabus - 1 VIS 158:Histories of...

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1 VIS 158:Histories of Photography Fall 2009 Professor Lisa Bloom [email protected] Classroom: Center Hall 214 Lecture TuTh 11-12:20 p.m. Office hours: Tues. 1:30 – 2:30 (Schedule appt. via e-mail) Office: MAN 229 Course Readers: Gretchen M. Gordon: [email protected] ; Glenna Jennings: [email protected] ; Louis Schmidt: [email protected] ; Rich Bott: [email protected] The course will provide a selective overview of the history of photography from pre-photographic times to the present concentrating mostly on developments in the United States and Europe. Given that there is no single history but only histories of the medium, this course will reflect upon the ways in which photography can be thought of in the context of art history, media history and social history. This includes how photography can be used historically for telling family stories, remembering historical events, showcasing people whose stories would not otherwise be told, bearing witness to the action and destruction of war, documenting famine and disease, etc. The course will also examine photographic practice in relation to art and its role in the development of advertising, fashion, science, and consumer culture. Though the course will utilize a general chronological framework, it will also make connections between past and present throughout the quarter. The first half of the quarter will be devoted mostly to providing a background in the history of photography until World War 1I. The second half of the quarter will be devoted to the role of photography within 20 th century modern/postmodern art and consumer culture from the 1920s to the present. Grading: 25% Mid-term 35% Term paper (take-home) 35% Final 5% Attendance and class participation
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2 Academic Honesty: --All work for this course is assumed to be your own original work. If your work does not fulfill this requirement you will be failed for the entire quarter without recourse. Please familiarize yourself with the UCSD Student Code of Conduct. Amy student who submits plagiarized material in any form will be subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Student Affairs. Required Course Requirements: -- Classes will be a mix of lectures, slide presentations, and discussions of readings and films, so your attendance and informed participation are essential. -- Mandatory attendance for class discussions . Roll will be taken for each class. Do not forget to sign in or you will be marked as absent. Participants are allowed two unexcused absence.
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VIS 158 Photography Syllabus - 1 VIS 158:Histories of...

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