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Your class should have the following public methods. Method Description AssassinManager(String[] names) This is your method for constructing an assassin manager object. It should add the names from the array into the kill ring in the same order in which they appear in the anay. For example, if the array contains {"John", "Sally", "Fred"), then in the initial kill ring we should see that John is stalking Sally who is stalking Fred who is stalking John (reported in that order). You may assume that the names are nonempty strings and that there are no duplicate names (ignoring case). Your method should throw an IllegalArgumentException if the array has 0 length. void printKillRing0 This method should print the names of the people in the kill ring, one per line, indented four spaces, with output of the form "<name> is stalking <name)". void printGraveyard0
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