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This is meant to be an exercise in Java linked list manipulation. As a result, you will be required to adhere to the followins rules: You must use our AssassinNode class for your lists. You are not allowed to modiff it. You may not construct any arrays or Arraylists or other data structures to solve this problem. You must solve it using linked lists. You can examine the array of Strings passed to the constructor, but you are not allowed to modifli it. o If there are n names in the array of Strings passed to your constructor, you should ask for a new AssassinNode exactly n times. This means that as people are killed, you have to move their node from the kill ring to the graveyard without creating any new nodes. The main effect of the rules above is that your constructor will create an initial set of nodes (the initial kill ring) and then your class will not create any more nodes for the rest of the program execution. That means that you need to solve
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