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comments, good variable names, consistent indentation and good coding style to implement these operations. You should name your file AssassinManagerjava and you should turn it in electronically from the "assignments" link on the class web page. A collection of files needed for the assignment is included on the web page as ass3.zip. You will need to have AssassinNodejava, AssassinMain.java and names.txt all in the same directory as your AssassinManagerjava in order to run AssassinMain. Usine |GRASP In jGRASP you can use a structure viewer to see what your list looks like (you do so by dragging one of your fields from the debug window outside the window and will launch u uie*"i;. This viewer will show you the structure of the list, but won't show you the con(ents of the nodes. You can fix this by selecting the wrench icon ("Configure the structure to view mapping"). Under "Value Expressions" say: _node_. name Then click on apply and you should see the names in the nodes. You can also adjust settings like
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