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HW3 6 - graveyard Current Erica Kane was killed by Phoebe...

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Current graveyard: Erica Kane was killed by Phoebe Wallingford Bobby Warner was kil-Ied by Jackson Montgomery Tad Martin was killed by RuLh Mart.in Joe Martin by Bobby Warner next victim? anita SANTOS kiIl ring: Ruth Martin is stalking phoebe Wallingford Phoebe Wallingford Jackson Montgomery .Tackson Mont.gomery is RuLh Martin Anita Santos was killed Kane was ki1led Bobby Warner was killed by 'Jackson Montgomery by Ruth Martin was kill-ed next. vicE.im? stuart. reges Unknown person. ki11 ring: Phoebe Wallingford i-s st.alking ,fackson Montgomery Jackson Montgomery is Ruth Martin current. Santos was kil1ed by Jackson MonLgomery r.ras kill-ed by Rut.h Martj.n .Toe Martin next. victim? phoebe wallingford kill Rut,h Martin CurrenE graveyard: was kiIled by Rut,h Martin Santos was ki1led by Montgomery rut.h martin Game was won by Jackson MonEgomery Final- graveyard is as follows: was ki1led by ,Jackson Mont.gomery Anit.a Santos was kil-1ed by Phoebe Wallingford
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