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HW4 2 - l mplementation etails D For t his p rogram y ou w...

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lmplementation Details: For this program you will write a class named utmlvalidator using the sr,ack and pueue interfaces and the Arraystack and LinkedQueue implementations used in lecture. You will also need the files namedHrmlTag . j ava, SimpleTest.java, andvalidat,orclient..javafromthewebsite;placetheminthesamefolderasyourprogram. Your class must have the following public constructors and methods. It must be possible to call these methods any number of times on your object, in any order, and get the same expected results each time. Method Description HtmlValidator(Queue<HtmlTag> tags) In this constructor you should initialize your validator for examiningthe given queue of HTML tags representing the entire contents of an HTML file. If the queueis empty, it should throw an IlleealArsumentExceotion. void setTags(Queue<HtmlTag> tags) In this method you should set the validator to use the given queue of tags instead of the Queue"it previously used. Future calls to getTags and validate should use this new queue.
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