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ERROR unerq)ected tag: </html> ERROR unclosed tagr: <body> ERROR uncloeed tag: <tible> ERROR unclosed tag: <head> ERROR uncl"oaed tag: <html,> The reason that there are two error messages for </head> are because neither </head> tag seen matches the most recently opened tag at the time, which is <title>. The four unclosed tags at the end represent the fact that those four tags didn't have a closing tag in the right place (or, in some cases, no closing tag at all). Because of the simplicity of our algorithm, a single mistake in the HTML can result in multiple enor messages. Near the end of the file is a </html-> tag, but this is not expected because body, title, and head were never closed. So the algorithm prints many errors, including that the html tag is unclosed, though really the problem is that the html tag was closed
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