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Style Guidelines and Grading: Part of your grade will come from appropriately utilizing stacks and queues. You should also be making correct use of generics and you should declare fields and variables using interfaces when possible. The constructor for your class is passed a reference to a Queue of Htmltag objects. You can use this queue for your own object rather than making an independent copy. Properly encapsulate your objects by making any unspecified functionality in your class private. Avoid unnecessary fields; use fields to store important data of your objects but not to store temporary
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Unformatted text preview: You should follow good general style guidelines such as: appropriately using control structures like loops and ifletse statements; avoiding redundancy using techniques such as methods, loops, and iflelse factoring; properly using indentation, good variable names, and proper types; and not having any lines of code longer than 100 characters. Comment descriptiVely in your own words at the top of your class, each method, and on complex sections of your code. Comments should explain each method's behavior, parameters, return, pre/post-conditions, and any exceptions thrown without referring to implementation details. 5 of 5...
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