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InheritanceExample1 2 - Soluti-on I Inheri-tance Mvsterv to...

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Unformatted text preview: Soluti-on I. Inheri-tance Mvsterv. to CSE]-43 Inheritance is as fol-l-ows . ExampLe The output Statement a) b) c) d) e) f) S) h) i) i) Output Onel Onel Fourl /Onel Fourl /One1 compiler error compiler error Three2 /Fourl /Onel error compiler compiler error rrrnli ma orrnr ( varl.methodl ( var2.methodl ( var3.methodl ( var4.methodl ( var5.methodl ( var6.methodl var4.method2 ( var4.method3 ( (Two)varl) .method2 O ; (Three) varl ) .method2 O ; / " f r ^ r n l r r a qr !l r / v \rYrv, k) \ .rrrsurrvvr mathad? r) 1/ \, \ . m) n) o) p) q) e\ r) (Four) var2) .method1 ( ) ; (Four) var3) .methodl ( ) ; (Four)var4 ) .method3 O; (One) var5) .methodl ( ) ; (Four) var5) .method2 O ; (Three) var5) .method2 O ; (One) var6) . methodl ( ) t (One) war6) . method2 (l ; (Two) var6) .method3 ( ) ; Two3 runtime error Fourl /One1 Four3 Onel runtime error Three2 /One1 Onel error compiler runtime error ...
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