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Unformatted text preview: t in the tabre below, indicate in the right-hand column the output produced by the statement in the left-hand corumn. rf the statement produces more than one rr-ne ot out'put, indrcate the line breaks with slashes as in',a/b/c,. to indicate 'a,, folrowed three rines of output with by rrbn followed by rrc*. rf the statement causes an error' fil-I in the right-hand col,umn ritn eiLher the phrase ttcompiler errorttor errorttto indicate "runtime when the error would be detected. Statement Arr{-nrrf vqsyqs d) war1.met.hod1 O ; war2.methodl var3.methodl var4.methodl var5.methodl war6.methodl var4.method2 var4.method3 () ; () ; O; () ; () ; O; O; l-\ t n) d) e) f) 9t i\ ( (Two) varl ) . method2 () ; ) .merhod2 ( ) ; .method3 O ; () ; () ; j) k) 1) m) n) o) p) q) r\ s) J-l ( (Three) varl ( (Two) varl) ( (Four) var2 ) .methodl ( (Four) var3) ( (Four)var4) .methodl .method3 O; O; ( (One) war5) .methodl ( (Four) var5) .method2 O ; ( (Three) war5) .method2 O ; ( (One) var6) ( (One) var6) ( (Two) var6) .methodl () ; .method2 O ; .method3 O , ...
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