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Unformatted text preview: Solution The variables Iow 09 59 89 99 and would return the would hiqh take mid 4 7 a 9 to CSE143 Section following #2 Problems sequence of values on the value take mid 9. following sequence of values: 2. The variables Iow would hiqh 8 8 6 5 on the 2 o o 7 o 5 -7 . and woul-d return the value No f inal value for mid i-s shown because the loop exits after high is set to 5. The value -7 indicates that the point* for the given value is 6. "insertion rn other wordsr w€ wouLd want to insert the val-ue at index 6 to preserve sorted order. Two possible solutions appear below. The second is first because it is guaranteed to complete its work the data. public void removeAll (int inti:0; (i while (elementDataIi] if remove (i); else i -L+. much faster than the with one pass through value) :- { value) ) public void removeAll (int value) { int newSize - 0; (int for i = 0; i < size; i++1 (elementDatatil if !: value) { elementData InewSize] : elementData newsize++i ) size: newSizei ) 4. One possible solution appears below. Ii] ; public void printfnversions Ot (int j.; i++) for i - O; i < size (int j : i + L; j < size; for j++) (elementDatalil if > elementDatatjl ) System.out.println('r ('r + el_ementDataIi] + + elementDataljl + u)") ww , ...
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