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Unformatted text preview: CSE143 Section Below is Lhe next search a binary assignment: method from the #2 Problems Arrays class that we wil-I be using for (exclusive) (inclusive) to tolndex : elements in indexes fromlndex / / pre (nondecreasing) order in sorted are // within the range returns the index of the given key in the list / / post: returns (inclusive) through tofndex(exclusive); fromlndex // - 1) otherwise. point is The insertion (-(insertion point) // into the at which the key would be inserted as the point defined // than element in the range greater array: the index of the first // if all elements in the range are less than the the key, or tolndex // value guarantees that. the return Note that this key. specified // If the Iist is found. if and only if the key wj-l-I be ):0 // is multiple copies of the key in the given range, there contains // guarantee which index is returned. no // tolndex, fromlndex"r int int Iist, public int binarySearch(intlJ static int k"y) { int low : fromlndex; 1; int high = tolndex whi,le (low <= high) { int mid = (Iow + high) / int midVa1 = Iist 1mid1; (midVal low:mid+1-i (midVal else if high:mid-I; else mid; return if t 2; // // key key found not found. as follows: return ) Suppose that int This would -(low + 1); that we have {-2,8, the an array 13, called list initialized 42,51' L03}; Iist: 22,25,25,38, array: construct following list +--+ | ++--> +--+ t7l t 6t tsl t4l t,2t t3t tll +-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ 38 142 13 122 | 8l I 125 125 | -2 | +-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-r---+ t0l would low, high and mid take on for 0, 10' 103) t8l tel I s1 tl-03 caII: 1. What values the fol-lowing Arrays.binarySearch and what value wou.ld be low, (l-ist, returned? high and mid 2' 9, take 30) return value represent? on for the following call: What values would Arrays.binarySearch(Iist, and what vaLue would be returned? What does this ...
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