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Unformatted text preview: CSEI-43 Section A fixed version of Number, comprete #3 Solutions with appropriate comments number operations / / R class capable of performing some basic public class Number { private int myValue; private boolean isprime; private boolean isprimelsValid; public static final int DEFAULT_VALUE = 0; default value (O) / / constructs a Number of public Number O { this ( DEFAULT_VALUE) ; ) / / constructs a Number with public Number (int value) { setValue (vaLue); ) the given value / / sets the value of this Number to public void setValue (int value) { myValue = valuel = falsei i-sPrimeIsVaIid the given value / / returns public int return ) the value of this getValue O { myValue; Number // returns true if the current value is pri-me, false otherwise. the resurt / / stores of the previous callr so subsequent carls / / with the same val-ue are ef f ici-ent public boolean isPrime ( ) t (!isPrimeIsVa1id) if { isPrime : calculatelsPrime O; = true; isPrimelsValid ) return isPrime; ) true if the current / / returns varue is prime, private boolean calculatelsprime O{ (int for L : 2; i < myVal-ue; i++; { (myValue t i := 0) { if return false; ) ) return myValue ) the current / / returns value public String toString Ot r rt t + m yvalue; return ) as a String fal-se otherwise ...
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