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Unformatted text preview: CSE143 Section Now, examine the code that implements #3 Problems Number: (handout #2) public class Number { private int myValue; private booLean isPrime; private boolean isPrimefsValid; public statj-c int DEFAULT_VALUE : 0, a Number // constructs public Number O { this ( DEFAULT_VALUE) t ) a Number // constructs public Number(int value) setValue (value); I { / / sets the vaLue public void setValue (int int myValue : val-ue; ) / / gets the value public getValue int return myValue; ) value) { O { method should return whether / / this the / / is prime or not pubJ.ic boolean isPrime O { (!isPrimeIsValid) if { : calculatelsPrime isPrime O; : truei isPrimelsValid ) return isPrime; ) / / uses / / some private for Number a super efficient trick to caLculate primes really really fast boolean calculatelsPrime O{ (int i : 2, i < myValue; i++) { (myValue t i :: if 0) { return false; ) truei ) return ) a string // returns public String toString O t rr r + m y V a l u e ; return ) l { Would you change any of your test cases? you know how Number is implemented? that Can you find al-l the bugs in Number? What new test cases would you add now (hint: Number? there Which are four) would you change? What What do you think would you change of the conunents in them to? ones ...
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