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Unformatted text preview: CSE143 Section Enr t-haca n- r n f l g 6 5 , rv aSSUme that we are *'6 P r o b l e m s F using the Standard LiStNOde CIaSS: public ListNode class t public int data; public ListNode next; public ListNode O this (0, nuII); ) i // // data Iink node stored in this to next node in the Iist public ListNode(int data) nuLl-) i t.his (data, ) public ListNode(int data, this . data data i : next; ) i { ListNode next) { ,. Your task is to create a class called Linkedlntlist that has the same functionality as the Intlist class of handout #3 (minus the constructor that involves because linked Iists have no maximum capacity) capacity, In doing you have a single so, assume that data field of type ListNode front: called public Linkedlntlist class private ListNode front; <methods> ) r\ie wrote the appending add method in lecture: { public if woid add(int value) { (front nulI) f ront new ListNode (val-ue) ; else { ListNode front; current r: nuII) ( while current; new ListNode (val-ue) ; current . next ) of the leqa.l-. fo] methods. For those involving an index, ) r'le need each the index is a dssume zero-argument that constructor the current the number of elements given Iist. index in sguare brackets of in the list siz.e() returns that get(index) f n Q { -r ' i n n / \ the values ! lrrY \ / returns val-ue at the f hat returns in the Iist a comma-separated indexOf (walue) giwen value or add(index, returns that the -1 if not found that inserts the index of the first occurrence gj-ven of the value) that the value given at value the at the index index remove (index) removes qiven ...
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