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CSE143 Section #5 problens In this section we will be learning about linked lists. Each list is composed of individual nodes of type ListNode. The class ListNode has two data fields: one for storing the item of data and the other for storing a reference to the next node. public class ListNode { int da.ta; ListNode next; / / data stored in this node / / link to next node in the list / / post: consLructs a node with data 0 and nul1 link ListNodeO { this (0, null) ; constructs a node with given data and, nurl link ListNode(int data) ( t,his(data, nu11); t data and given rink data, LisENode next) { = data; n€xt; ) in rnr,n.It paq: you'll see-pictures of linked nodes before and after some changes. Write the code that will produce
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